Modified Silicone Alkyds

Silicone-modified alkyds are a specialized series of products used to formulate coatings that require excellent durability, toughness, abrasion and heat resistance.

They are compatible with long oil and phenolic alkyds and contain partial compatibility with medium oil alkyd resins.


  • Steel coatings 
  • Machinery & heavy equipment  
  • High quality maintenance finishes 
  • Marine paints 
  • Brass & aluminum coatings
  • Heat-resistant coatings
Product Name Modifier Type Oil Type % NVM Wt. Solvents Viscosity
Rezimac® 62-6203 Silicone TOFA 50 Xylene M-O
Rezimac 62-6247 Silicone Soya 50 Xylene U-X
Rezimac 62-6260 Silicone Soya 60 MS W-Y
Rezimac 62-6283 Silicone Soya 50 MS I-L
Rezimac 213-1136 Silicone Linseed 50 Xylene P-U
Rezimac 213-1285 Silicone Linseed, soya 50 MS, VM&P N-Q
Rezimac HS 57-5747 Silicone Soya 80 MAK, n-Butyl acetate Z-Z2 
Rezimac WR 74-7435 Silicone DCO 75 EB Z5-Z6.5
The above specifications are general guidelines of the featured products and should not be used in preparing any formulas.     


     Additional Product Specifications     

  Modified Silicone Alkyds